Weight Loss Pictures

Me and Charlotte, fall of 2009
Here are some "BEFORE" pictures....

Here is where I began my journey. This first picture was taken in April at a work event. I weighed about 210 here.

Here is the picture that ultimately made me want to change my lifestyle. This is at Charlotte's first birthday party and it is the most horrendous picture ever! When I weighed in at WW, I was 217 pounds. I didn't start WW until August, and this was in May. I didn't take any pictures of myself from this point until the fall.

This picture is right after Thanksgiving, when we all went to pick out our Christmas tree. The week prior I weighed in at 192. I had lost 25 pounds at this point:

This is me in January 2011 holding a pair of my size 20 khakis and then modeling my SIZE TWELVE pants that fit perfectly. It is somewhat hard to SEE the difference in my size because of the cold weather clothes, but come summer I hope I'll be posting some POOL PICTURES.
These two pictures are from April, one from Paris and one from our PE teacher (I was part of our school's wellness award, woo hoo!) This is 40 pounds lost:
Here I am after a run 7/2/11 with 47 pounds lost:
50 pounds gone, bitches!!!: