Monday, April 14, 2008

decluttered challenge week 1

ok, i stink at this challenge.
Friday - I moved all the books off of the downstairs shelves to make room for toys. Next step is to sell them in our yard sale.
Saturday - I threw away a candle topper that has been lying around the kitchen.
Sunday - I made a plastic container of the boys' art work, so that it wasn't taking up room in the dining room anymore.
Monday - Today, I plan to clean the fridge. There are olives in there from Todd's birthday party. Yikes.


The Collins Family said...

I cleaned my fridge out last week. Such a gross job! I hate dumping the old leftovers out they always stink!!!!!

TONYA said...

oh bugger it, I totally forgot that I promised to start this today. Okay, I'm going to find something to de-clutter :)

Dawn Friedman said...

I love this challenge. I managed to unload two chairs, two tables, two storage boxes, a cd rack and an old rug for garbage day! I was walking around giddy over it. I waited until Jon left for work so that we wouldn't notice!

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