Sunday, December 28, 2008

christmas review.

1. Christmas morning, sitting on one gift while opening another.
2. Mr. Grouch at Scott and Meriann's, refusing to go inside.
3. GaGa with all of her grandbabies!
4. Zack and Dexter, being goofy.
5, 6, and 7. The boys playing in the front yard this morning.

Unfortunately, more bad news has come to Miss Tuesday. She has another large tumor. Please send some good thoughts to this wonderful family, in whatever way you can. Thank you.


Christy said...

Great pics! I love the pic of GaGa with the grandbabies... the little girl looks like she is giving the evil eye to one of the boys! Too cute! I love baby expresssions!

Debbie Moore said...

Love the pictures! The boys in thier overalls are so cute, I love little guys in overalls.

Dingo said...

It's very important to sit on one gift while opening another. It prevents poaching.

Shannon said...

Great pics, they look so happy to be home!

Love your new header, I haven't seen that quote before. HOW TRUE :)

* TONYA * said...

Sitting on one gift while opening another. Love it. Nobody can steal the other one can they ha ha. What a smart little cookie.

Lovin' those overalls. They look so cute.

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