Friday, January 16, 2009

A Mercy

I'm a big fan of Toni Morrison and even though I never made it through her last book, Love, I did make it through the latest book, A Mercy. Nothing will ever meet the caliber of Beloved or Song of Solomon, but this was good. It was short, so I could take my time with her sometimes difficult writing and not feel like it was never going to end. The story was interesting, and while you don't really get the purpose of the story until the end, it is a worthwhile read. There are some strange parts, as there always are in Morrison's books, some that I am sure have much deeper meaning than I will ever understand. I guess I need to read it again with some Cliff's notes in a few years.


Bradden, Sunny, and Hyrum Cannon said...

Hi! Grandpa told me the great news, and I was able to see your dad at the family Christmas party. Hope all is well

* TONYA * said...

So, one I should add to my reading list then. Sold.

The Cleary's said...

Beloved is one of my favs. Haven't read any of her stuff lately. Thanks for the suggestion :)