Monday, October 19, 2009


1. Today in class, a student totally called my bluff by memorizing this song and singing it for the entire class. His reward was a bottle of Dr. Pepper that I keep under my desk. After winning, another student knocked his Dr. Pepper off the steps.
Me: Don't mess with the Pep!
Student: Uh oh, do you love Dr. Pepper?
Me: You disrespect the Doctor, you disrespect me.
Student: You want to be Mrs. Pepper, don't you?
Me: Yes. Yes, I do.

2. Picked up the boys, got in the car, and the Black Crowe's "She Talks to Angels" was playing on the radio. We listened for a minute then Owen said, "Hey Mommy! Is that Raffi?"

3. Todd brought home a Twix bar from the grocery store. He gave each of us a bite and Owen said, "This my favorite snack." Henry said, "Mm, delicious."

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