Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And I wasn't even wearing tight pants!!!

This morning I stopped at Starbucks to get a birthday gift for a friend. Of course, I also got a latte and a cinamon scone. The total of my order was about $20. I handed my debit card to the cashier, who informed me (quite loudly....) that the card was declined. Call it bad timing on my part, a humongous daycare check for February, and life. I was parked right out front so I said, "Hang on, I'll get my credit card." Took me about 30 seconds, and when I came back in, the cashier said, "Ma'am, you've been taken care of." He pointed to a gentleman leaving the store, who raised his coffee to me and left.

So, thank you, stranger man! You made my day, and I will try to pay it forward to someone else.

See? Sometimes good people come out of the wordwork!

You should pay it forward today, too!!!!!!!


Bethany said...

Wow. That's awesome. Shit like that gives me faith in humanity.

Jenn H said...

That is so great!! Like Bethany said, it restores a bit of faith in mankind.

Anonymous said...

The your friend was SO grateful for the Latte and mug you got her! She is lucky to have a friend like you where she works. You make me laugh daily and so for that alone I am grateful. Thanks Jane.

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