Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to Potty Train Twin Boys part 1

Step 1. Buy largest bag of M&M's available.

Step 2. Give 3 M&M's for every pee in the potty (30-40 for yourself each time, too) and 10 for every poop in the potty.

Step 3. Eat M&M's every time you walk into kitchen, by kitchen, near kitchen, or think of the kitchen.

Step 4. Gain about 5 pounds from M&M's.

Step 5. Realize that no amount of bribery will work if they aren't ready.

Step 6. Finish M&M's and let them run around with no pants until they get it.


Shannon said...

LOL, love this! You should seriously write a book ;) Can't wait for part two....

R. J. and Heather said...

I thought you were talking about my house there for a moment. I'm still keep the m&m's. Keeps me sane. Plus I want to try the coconut kind.

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