Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oh, do I have a blog here?

Sorry, peeps. I forgot about my blog!
Recap time.
- I gained a pound a half at ww! I was pissed!
- It was jersey day at school on Friday and I dressed Charlotte as a white trash jersey girl. Right?
-Yesterday the kids were playing "backpack" (a fun game that consists of filling your backpack with a bunch of shit from the floor/shelves and then forgetting you put it in there a few hours later and throwing a massive temper tantrum because you want whatever it was) and we had to take another white trash picture of Charlotte, which led to each of the boys taking a picture of the other boy. Yay, Saturdays!
- Ran 6 miles today and it was good!
-We had our first "SNOW" day on Friday. Because of the massive rain and flooding, we had no school on Friday. Best day ever!!!
- That about sums it up.

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The Clearys said...

Ah yes, the backpack game. Seems we play that every afternoon right about the time the kids are supposed to be taking a nap... :)

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