Thursday, February 02, 2012

Laughing in the car

This morning driving to school I laughed out loud twice - once when the newscaster said, "These are three words that NO ONE wants to ever hear: Birth Control Recall!" And then again when the other newscaster said, "If you need more information about your growing belly, go to this link." Ah, I love it when we can insert a little humor into our mundane lives.

No wednesday weigh-in last night because I am switching my weigh-in day to Mondays. It won't be as alliterative, but maybe I can think of a new title. Wuh-Monday Weigh-in. Hm.

I joined a choir called Voce and I am going to combine the fun of singing with my weigh-in day so I don't have to have 2 nights away per week. I am going to miss my leader, Becky, but maybe this new meeting day and time and leader will give me new inspiration to lose that final 17 pounds.

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AudreyO said...

Wow...a huge congratulations on the 50 pound weight loss. Weight Watchers is AMAZING!!!