Friday, May 11, 2012

Man, I officially suck at this blogging thing.

Welp, I am having a hard time getting over here to blog. Just feeling busy. Not even taking that many pictures. Well, I have some on my camera phone to share. Cute ones. TIME FOR SOME BULLET POINT UPDATES. GO!
- The boys and girl had a Mother's Day show this week. All of their classmates sang/danced. My 3 children (who have a music teacher for a mother) did nothing. Afterwards, I said to Charlotte, "I liked your song" and she said "I didn't sing. I put my fingers in my mouth." Yep. I have the video to prove it. Luckily for us, she has been singing the songs on endless repeat since then.
- I threw up again. It was awful. And I am hoping this does not turn into a routine, considering I went 18 years and now am on track to throw up again in September of 2013.
- Boys have been playing soccer and they are doing awesome. Todd and I are coaching, and have been having a fun time. Go Cheetahs!
- Charby's birthday is coming up in 3 weeks!
- There are 26 days of school left! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
- I weighed in last week after not weighing in for 2.5 months and I was down 0.2! Holla!
- Some pictures:
Me and Katie at the Legwarmers Concert - a fun 80's band that we saw a few weeks ago - super fun:
 Owen, posing:
 Henry, at the Urgent Care getting his staple (he bumped his head):
 Calvin, after finding out he still has testicles. He feels bad for lying to us all these years:

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