Saturday, June 02, 2012

Charlotte's Birthday Weekend

Charlotte's birthday started off by checking out her many presents on the table. She got to open one that morning, a movie. Boys = jealous.
The cupcakes:
 Charlotte at her party, checking out the water balloons:
 Too shy to blow out her own candles!?
 Later that night, without the added pressure of friends, she did blow out her own:
 Mommy and Charby!
 Meanwhile, in boyland....
 Char's pretty ice cream dress!
 Sunday we went to see a play with gaga, here is Char in all her birthday glory - sunglasses, ice cream dress, necklace, bracelet, and fruit snacks.
 Getting ready for the play to start:

 Riding the merry go round:
 Lovely portrait taken by a boy:
 The rest of the pictures I downloaded (300 of them) all look similar to this one. Owen just snap-snap-snapped away the whole way home. I'll spare you.

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