Saturday, March 22, 2008

eggin' it up

We had fun dying eggs this morning. Henry (below) took it VERY seriously. After we finished dying, we painted a bit with the leftover colors. We had a few casualties, but since Mom left the eggs in the pan all night long without refrigerating them, we enjoyed our beautiful job then tossed them out. The boys had blast.

We'll be sure to take a picture of Todd's egg, which he has left soaking in the yellow all day. (Leave it to the Jew to go all out with the egg dying).


TONYA said...

I'm so glad you still painted them, even though they had to be tossed :(. Looks like the boys were having a great time.

Jenn H said...

Cute pictures of the boys! Looks like they had fun, glad you threw the eggs out though, lol!

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