Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We went to Leesburg Animal Park on Saturday morning. We were the first ones there and the boys were petrified the minute they heard the cow mooing his head off. So, we stayed near the bunnies and turtles. What a bunch of wimps!!! Cute wimps, though.

Having a snack:

Screw these animals, is that a playground???

Ride 'em, cowboy.

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The Collins Family said...

No cows for these guys? Ok, well, a trip to visit us is probably out for a while...there are cows everywhere in the sticks! They are so cute! Love the picture of them running to the playground and Magoo's (?)hair in the first one!

Terri said...

SO not fair of you to not tell who is who! lol

Sorry they didn't like the cows, but man, sure can't keep them away from the playground!

Debbie Moore said...

The hair in the first picture is so cute. Too funny that they did not like the cows, they sure are cute though!

Sheri said...

You have got to love the hair on one of your boys. And them booking to the playground is sooo cute. Love them!!!!

* TONYA * said...

They really like the moo cows, but if they had've stayed there they may have missed out on valuable playground time.

cc said...

I love the very first picture... simply for the stylish hair do! too cute! looks like a fun time! I love the pic of them running to the playground as well... that would be my idea of fun too!