Wednesday, November 19, 2008

big plans.

The boys are obsessed with the toy magazines that are arriving in droves. T was in NYC a few days ago and picked up new fresh copies of the Toys R Us Big Toy Magazine Extravaganza!!!
Mr. Magoo, concentrating on his selections:

Mr. Man, "I WANT CAR!":

Still concentrating:

"THIS one!":

The boys made wish lists at daycare! They love looking at them and telling us about the things on them. When we ask them if they want it, they say, "Yeah."

This next picture is the view down our basement stairs. At first, I tried to stop them from throwing every. single. piece of newspaper down the stairs from the Sunday paper. But then I thought, "Well, at least they aren't biting each other." Then I left it for T to clean up. Heh heh.


Terri said...

The boys just love flipping through the pages of the magazines. No real wish list yet. However, Delaney on the other hand wants EVERYTHING!! It was ALL circled in her magazine.

Dingo said...

That last picture is hilarious! My apartment looks like that right now but I don't have twins to blame it on.

And you are going to get them EVERYTHING on their wish list, right? If you don't, it might damage their belief in Santa Clause. Hee!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

OMg i cant believe they have a wish list already..... santi says he wants a turtle, a monkey and a frog..... yes he means live ones.

The Cleary's said...

Brianna calls all of those ad magazines "Mommy's books" LOL. Let's get together!! We miss the boys (and you of course, hehe)!

* TONYA * said...

I love your selection pages for each boy. What a great idea for a keepsake. I must get onto this and borrow your idea.

M loves flipping through catalogs too, especially Pottery Barn and Toys R Us

Love the mess down the stairs. Those boys are so funny.

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