Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Our bathtub drain sometimes makes a funny moaning noise that a few weeks ago Owen was very afraid of. After he scampered out of the tub and was safe in a towel, he said, "That cow! Moo!" Ha ha, we joked about the cow in the bath. Then last night, the cow came back and all hell broke loose in the house. Mass hysteria, bath aborted. Even after I twisted the drain tight and the mooing stopped, there was no way they were getting back in the bath. Henry even had trouble falling asleep because of "that cow." Tonight, the boys were dirrrrrty, so we tried a shower first....no go. So we tried the bath again, but they wouldn't even sit down. Petrified. We bathed them standing up and screaming. We kept saying "cow go bye bye!" and "I love cows!" but nothing worked. Owen got out, got his diaper, snuggled up in his towel, stuck his lower lip out and said in the most pitiful voice, "moooooo."

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ECarey said...

this is too cute.

Dingo said...

That's hilarious! Maybe you can get them cow bath toys so they won't be so afraid of the sound?

When my niece was about two or three, she was in the tub and suddenly jumped up yelling about snakes. When I was finally able to calm her down she told me about the snake. Now, I was right there with her the whole time and didn't see anything at all!

Turns out, she was a teeny, tiny hair floating in the tub (her own hair) and flipped out! That wouldn't been a Guinness Record for the worlds smallest snake.

Getting her back to bath time was a chore after that.

Shannon said...

Great story, Jane, well worthy of a blog post!! Hope the fear of the bath doesn't last long!

Kristen said...

I love that story! Anna stood in the bath for about 6 months. It's only recently that she's started sitting again. And sometimes she screams through it as well, although there's no cow in our tub! ;)

The Eadle Family said...

Hilarious Jane! Perfect story for when they are older. You have to video tape it next time they have a total meltdown!