Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rainy PJ Day

Today it was a yucky day outside. We decided that getting out of our PJ's was not in the cards today. We spent the morning playing, whining, snuggling, play-doh-ing, whining, doing crafts, whining, and eating. In the mail this week we got a great surprise from Auntie Kim and Uncle Rob (we think???) and we cracked open the "my tissue art" box - what a great invention! Pre-sticky paper to decorate with tissue squares that you crinkle up. We had fun. Some of us more than others.
Owen, hard at work:

Henry, hardly working:

Owen showing off both finished products:

Henry playing around with the latest Happy Meal toy:


lil'k said...

Glad they liked it! Gave the stuff to Rob to package and mail-thought he would at least put a FROM on there:)

Shannon said...

Cute project that the boys made! I like those Alex toys a lot. LOL about the McD's toy, we didn't get that one yet :)

The Clearys said...

B misses doing art with the boys! So creative!

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