Saturday, November 28, 2009

i love diapers. why would anyone want to be potty trained???

See? Charlotte agrees with me!

We began potty training yesterday. Made a big deal about the awesome big boy undies. Both boys were IN to it. Put on their big boy undies, and BAM! 2 seconds later, Owen had peed all over the floor. Okay, okay....we remained calm and put on the next pair. BAM! 10 minutes later, more pee. Owen lasted about an hour until he asked for his diaper. He's just not ready. Henry did a great job and had an accident or two, but peed in the potty for the most part!

This morning, we got up, Henry put his big boy undies on, and went the entire morning with no accidents!!! He was so excited and we were, too!

After nap time, Henry peed his pants approximately 327 times and the last time I said to him, "Do you need to pee pee?" and he looked at me, turned around and peed. We were at a friends house, and that was it. Diapers back on.
It was a huge relief when I put that damn diaper back on, I gotta tell ya. It's so much easier. Who wants to chase their kids around and ask them if they have to pee every 2 seconds and then run their asses to the bathroom if they look at you funny? Who wants to peel urine-soaked underwear and pants (and socks, ugh) off their whiny child every 30 minutes? And really, who wants to be trapped in their homes because their kid can't hold his pee long enough to go grab a bite to eat? Finally, who wants to do all this with a smile on their faces because all the psychological damage we could possibly do to our children when we get pissed off they pissed in their pants?
Not I, folks. Not. I.
So in the interim of running to the bathroom this morning, we decorated the tree. Our theme this year is "All ornaments that won't break." And the boys were very serious about decorating, as you can see from the pictures. They enjoyed putting "ormamems on our tree from homebepoh."

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