Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seasonal Affective Disorder = SAD

The winter blahs, anyone?

Yesterday it was about 45 degrees when I picked up the kiddies, so we booked it over to the playground before the sun went down. It was good for them. Until 1 minute later Owen fell down and got a bloody nose.


It's hard when it gets dark so soon, it's too cold to take them outside, and there is no break until spring break.
The Most Depressing Day of the Year, according to TIME magazine, is Jan. 24.
January is a rough month overall, I think.
Do you agree??


Anonymous said...

Considering that it's 8 degrees here and not expected to be higher than 15 all day tomorrow, I agree that all the days in January might be the most depressing. Sorry about Owen's nose. Hope he isn't scarred for life. Mamere

albert & angela fontenot said...

For me, its rough in some ways yet a relief in others. When January first starts, I am relieved that the shopping rush of the holidays are behind and that all of our paychecks aren't going to fly out the door for presents, parties, even though its a bummer to go back to school- its nice knowing its the start of the second all downhill from there. seems each year that January drags on and on and on and thats espicially so for the last half of the month. It does get depressing when you think about the fact that we have two more months of cold!
sorry to hear about Owen's nose! Poor kid! That really stinks!

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