Sunday, April 04, 2010

boys will be boys?

Yesterday after bath, the boys went downstairs to play. Before they went, Todd made them take an oath saying they promised to come upstairs if they had to poop. They were wearing just underwear (yeah, what?) and after about an hour of playing, they came up naked. "Where are your underwear?" we asked. "Downstairs. We peed on the bed," one of them replied. "What? ha ha ha," Todd answered. "We peed. On the bed." Todd and I exchanged glances, not sure if we heard them correctly or not. I made the move to go check out the basement.

Sure enough, a big puddle of pee was slowly seeping into the mattress. There was no remorse from the pee-ers, either. They heehawed it up and kept talking about it until bedtime. We threatened to give away their toys, and Todd seriously considered peeing on their beds in retaliation. (He said the only thing stopping him was that he'd have to clean it.) When we reminded them of their oath and asked why they didn't come upstairs to pee, they said, "We didn't have to poop, Daddy!"

Is this how boys behave? Sheesh.


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Ha ha!!! Seriously Hilarious!!! Love it!

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