Monday, May 31, 2010

"That was a very, very fun time." - Owen

Our vacation at Uncle Meriann and Ms. Uncle Scott's house was awesome. We got there Friday and Meriann made kabobs. Todd said, "I haven't eaten this well in years." (So much for my cooking....) It was delicious.
Saturday, we went to Auntie Lynn's beach after a yummy breakfast of pancakes. Lynn got us an awesome umbrella and some ice cream and took the boys fishing. Owen caught his first fish!! Henry said he would "catch one next time." While the boys fished, Charlotte, Meriann, and I got some rays. Check out Charby's new bathing suit!

Owen and his fish:
Charlotte got a little too much sun:

"I said give Auntie Lynn a hug goodbye!!!!" (They didn't want to get tickled again, ha!) Saturday night for dinner, Uncle Meriann made enchiladas. Yum!!! The boys had pancakes.

Meriann sharing her favorite activity with Charlotte:

The boys in the hot pool! This was after they had tea with Cousin Courtney and all of the stuffed cows in the house. :)
On Sunday (after a breakfast of pancakes for the boys), we got to go out on the Banana Boat! It was so awesome. When we got home that night at dinner we asked the boys what their favorite part was. Henry said, "Eating lunch on the boat." Owen said, "Going fast on the boat." Henry snuggled up with me most of the time, and Owen sat right in the front of the boat a la Kate and Jack in their "king of the world" scene. Poor Charlotte couldn't move a muscle in her lifejacket and officially earned her new nickname as "Sausage."

Captain Ms. Uncle Scott:

Todd tubing:

After boating, we were pretty pooped out. The boys relaxed on the couch and Charlotte got a second wind and did some posing for the camera. We had "Bang Bang" shrimp for dinner and the boys had pancakes.

Much of our down time was spent listening to the Rock Star Band from the basement, consisting of Ms. Uncle Scott on vocals, Henry or Owen on drums, and Henry or Owen on guitar (they switched often). Best known for hits such as "E-I-E-I-O" and "Farmer in the Dell," the band branched out into new territory with "Roxanne" and "Sherry Baby." (Which they are still singing here at home.)
This morning when we were getting ready to leave, Owen said, "Uncle Scott, I'm gonna miss you."
We all miss them. It was such a fabulous time and we can't wait to find time to get together again.

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