Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Benefits of losing 10% of your body weight....

1. You lose 10% of your body weight.
2. You get a nifty key chain at weight watchers.
3. You lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.
4. You have more energy.
5. You get a strong sense of "YES I CAN"
6. You have a decreased risk of some other diseasy crap.
7. Others can tell that you have lost weight just by looking at you.
8. You can motivate others to make changes because it is working for you.
9. You can make your facebook status say, "10 percent, bitches!"
10. You feel happy! :) :)


Bre said...

That is Awesome, Jane. Weight Watchers is handing out key chains now?? It use to be a damn ribbon. Where do I sign up?:)
BTW...every time I see the picture in your header I can't help but get a good chuckle on. Soooo funny!

Shannon said...

Way to go, Jane! Love the benefits list, so awesome. Especially #9, love it! :)

Katie said...

You're like a whole new women... inside and out. Loving what this is doing for your body AND your spirit! :-)

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