Saturday, November 13, 2010

Eating 6 biscuits for dinner was not on the plan.

I feel like I come to my blog to celebrate my successes with my weight loss, but I am neglecting a side of my journey that should also be shared!

Mistakes Happen.

Everyone makes mistakes now and then, especially people like me who have been eating too much for a long time. My problem has been mindless eating, which is when I eat for no reason - not because I am hungry, not because I am stressed....just because it is there. Last night I gave the kids their dinner and then sat and ate 6 biscuits with grape jelly. Big biscuits.

Today has not been very on "point" either, so I will need to do some big workouts the next few days to make up for it. I have eaten all of my extra points already this week. I am planning on going to spin class tomorrow morning and Monday night, then doing a run on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Hopefully weigh-in Wednesday won't be a gaining one....

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