Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Book recommendation

Patricia J. DeLois wrote a book called Bufflehead Sisters that I just finished reading. It was a great read! I found it lying on the table in the teacher's lounge (thanks, Katie!) and snatched it up. I have had Barbara Kingsolvers' The Lacuna on my nightstand for a year now, and I have been avoiding it. So every little easy read I can grab up I take advantage. This was a great grab. Once I started, I was dying to finish this book, and even though it was pretty predictable, I enjoyed it very much. The two main characters, Janet and Sophie, are BFF's and Sophie is like a car accident - I didn't want to know what she was going to do next, but I couldn't help looking. Check it out here.

Martha, I'll bring it to Paris for you.

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Katie said...

I felt the exact same way while reading it. Had to keep see what Sophie was gonna do and if Janet would stay by her side... I need to pass on Firefly Lane. It's a very similar story. I'll bring it tomorrow!

Last day of Whole 30!

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