Thursday, March 17, 2011

thursday weigh-in

Loss: -0.8
Total loss: -38
Feeling: Resolved

Home with sick boy almost all week makes me nibble all the treats all around the house. Cookie cake? Sure, why not? Nilla Wafers? Ok! All the food I made for Henry to make him feel better that he didn't end up eating? Delicious!

Tonight I am eating a sauteed sweet potato and black beans with Charlotte and we both love it! The boys are eating leftover grilled cheese and lucky for me, Owen is eating all of Henry's extras. Back to school tomorrow, I hope. He's had a reaction to the amoxicillin, but his fever hasn't gone above 99.5 today, so we're gonna try it. He's pretty weak and sore, so I hope he takes it easy.

Because of all the sickness and busy-ness, I forgot about St. Patrick's Day. Dumb. My kids were the only ones not wearing green at school today. BOO to me.

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