Sunday, June 29, 2008

Running, Dancing, and Eating

Yesterday, Todd ran the Twilight 4-Miler that started right near our house. He did a great job, clocking in at 36 minutes! Awesome! It was HOT HOT HOT - the weatherman said it was a record-setting day for June. A few runners bit it in the heat and the boys loved the "woo woo" of the ambulances racing to rescue. Here are some shots from the event.


The boys wore their new outfits from MaMere. We did a few modeling shots before we left the house:

IMG_1991 IMG_1990

Owen with his new backpack:


And a lovely shot of Henry:



Dingo said...

4 miles in 36 minutes! Dude! Does he have wings? Great shots of the boys.

The Cleary's said...

So funny! JP actually ran that race last night too! Brianna and I wussed it out in the AC :) Glad Todd had fun in the HEAT...JP is such a fair-weather runner, I'm suprised he even agreed to do it!

TONYA said...

WELL DONE TODD. Fantastic time, especially in that heat. I would have collapsed before I started LOL.

Love the modeling pics, so cute and the matchy, but not identical outfits from MaMere are just gorgeous.

The Collins Family said...

Go Todd!! That's great!
Love the new outfits...good picks MaMere!

Sharlene said...

Todd obviously isn't drinking enough beer. Nobody should be able to run that fast.

Sheri said...

Go Todd. Love the modeling pics. Your kids are so cute. I can't get Reid to say airplane yet, he just points to the sky like a mad man. I'm working on it.

Debbie Moore said...

Great job Todd - thats awsome! Cute pics of the boys!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

WOW Todd!!!! Love the pics

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