Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In and ROOM

Weigh-in today: -2.2
Total loss to date: -33.4
Feeling: Good. I have been moving "with purpose" every day this year, I have "started" my 10K training (a whole 'nother story about sore calves coming soon....), and I have been eating a lot of POWER foods. The show goes on.

New topic! I just read this book, ROOM, by Emma Donoghue and it was great. Very emotional and scary and sad and happy and awful and good. Hated it and loved it. Loved the writing, loved the story, hated the fact that shit like this happens. When I was finished with it, I felt like sobbing. If you like that kind of read, GET IT. It's great. And awful. And fabulous.


Kim Kirschner said...

Congrats! We will have to plan to do a race together sometime! I have been reluctant to read that book for the reasons you say!

Christy said...

Jane!! I haven't been to your blog in forever. I am SO PROUD of you!! You're doing such a great job on the weight loss! I sure wish I could do it.

And the kids are so big! I miss you! We really need to catch up!


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