Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In

This past week, I had the "Magic Tracker" from my weight watchers meeting. This is something (I think?) most meeting leaders do - get a 3 month tracker and pass it from member to member each week. I started with it because last week I was saying at my meeting how I needed a kickstart to get back into tracking and exercising. So my leader, Becky, passed me a new 3 month tracker and I got going. It definitely helped me get back on track. I tracked every single thing I ate, and I exercised 7 days this week. I decorated the book, I wrote inspirational messages in it, I shared websites, and I even shared my resolutions. I was super proud of my progress and my tracking.
I lost 0.2 this week, and while I know "a loss is a loss," I can't help feeling bummed about my hard work only paying off a little. I also know that next week I will lose a lot more (my body seems to be a week behind) if I stick with it. This is a journey and a lifestyle change, not an immediate reward system. So, while I feel a little bummed about my loss, I also feel rejuvinated by knowing if I keep at it, the scale will show it in the long run. I am in this for the long haul and I am excited to be able to say that I KNOW I can do this.

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Katie said...

Girrrlll... I don't care what that scale says. You legs looked like chicken legs in your black yoga pants yesterday! :-)

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