Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday Back on Track

After my disappointing gain last week, I was looking forward to a good week. Back at my usual meeting with my usual leader, Becky, I had a good week. No, a GREAT week. I lost that 2.6 from last week PLUS an ADDITIONAL 2.6. I was down 5.2 tonight! CRAZY. I passed the 180's and hopefully won't see them again. :)
Loss this week: -5.2
Loss total: -37.6
Feeling: Re-energized! Let's DO THIS.


Anonymous said...

Yea! Yea! Yea! You are my inspiration. Mom

Kim Kirschner said...

Way to go:)!

Kristy said...

Inspiring, Jane! I've been really working hard with WW since January and I've been using your blog as inspiration! I can relate to your story from last week. I had a terrible week last week (with my dad, I'd injured my foot and knee, etc). My mom and I talked each other into staying the course and going to our meeting on Saturday, despite the fact that we knew we were both going to gain. Sure enough, I'd gained three pounds. Like you, I made a choice to press on and not give up. I don't weigh in until Saturday, but I can tell you that this week feels much better than last because I'm in control, whereas last week I felt like I was spinning out of control. Your blog is inspiring! Congrats on the 37+ pounds! -- Kristy

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