Monday, October 17, 2011

Aloha 3

Day 3 in Kona, Todd, Debbie and I headed out on an adventure. We drove to the volcano! On the way, we stopped at The Coffee Shack - check out the view! We thought this restaurant was so cute, we went back and ate there a few days later with Kim and Rob. (Gecko pictures to come!)
After grabbing a coffee, we headed south to the Black Sand beach. Apparently, there are turtles aplenty there, crawling up your legs, giving you kisses, letting you ride them, etc.....but we didn't see any. But it was still lovely. 
 We arrived at the volcano after stopping for lunch in Volcano at a cute little wood-fired oven place. Todd had a pizza, Debbie had a chicken sandwich, and I had a prociutto and mozzarella sandwich. YUM. Here is a picture of the volcano!
This is a picture of one of the paths we walked down. We had a good hike while we were there:
Here I am, about to skype the kids from the volcano (awesome!)
After the volcano close-up, we drove down to the coast to see where the lava had gone into the ocean and over the road. It was pretty cool. There was a lava bridge-type thing, and a Japanese couple that wanted Todd to talk "full body" pictures of them.  
On the way back up the mountain, we stopped at the lava tube, which was a tube.
That night, we ate at a great place where I had my best meal of the week! It was a portabello mushroom with couscous and feta and asparagus. YUM to the O.

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