Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kona, day 1

We arrived in Kona on Monday late afternoon. The airport on the Big Island is outdoors, which was cool. Here is a photo from the outside of the airport:
The next few pictures are of the view from our lanai. We stayed a little south of the main downtown of Kailua-Kona. When we arrived, we dropped our stuff off and then headed to the grocery store. I may or may not have had a confrontation with the checkout girl, hard to say what really happened with my lack of sleep. We grabbed some goodies to eat for dinner and then hit the sheets. We were tired.  
Kids and adults would surf outside of our window daily, all day long from sunrise to sunset. 
A lot of the island is made up of black lava rock, and people will often take the white stones from the beach and spell out words on the rocks. No idea what this meant, but it was outside our window the whole week:

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