Thursday, October 13, 2011

Aloha Day 2.1

We started our day on Tuesday with a walk downtown and a jog back to the condo, stopping at Lava Java's for a cinamon bun. After showering, etc. we set out to Hawi, in the northern part of the island. Once there, we ate at Bamboo Restaurant. It was very yummy. We had potstickers (which I ate and had peanuts in it, and even though I freaked out a lot, I didn't go into anaphalaxis, so maybe I'm not allergic to peanuts!?) and then fish sandwiches and fish quesadillas. Yummy.
 After lunch, we wandered through the local shops, posed by an alien, and then drove up to Pololu.
Here there was a long hike down the mountain to a black sand beach. Todd and I went about halfway down to get a better picture of the beach. It was a tough hike back up, but very pretty! 
 After our hike, we did a drive-by shooting of the King Kamehameha statue. It was much smaller than I anticipated:

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