Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's been a very long while....

Every day I say, "I need to blog!" And every day, I don't. I just run out of time. Or, I spend too much time browsing Reddit snd don't generally use my time wisely. I'm going to try and be better. I had a good idea for some new blogging ideas, but then our work scanner broke and I can't upload what I wanted to. I took some new pictures of the kids but haven't looked for the camera cord to upload them. I want to come back and use my blog to help motivate me to lose those few pounds I've put back on and continue to work toward my ww goal, but people keep bringing me food and I'm so tirrreeedddddd. If I could take a day off and just sleep, you bet I would.

What is new? You know I love me some bullets:
- Boys are more than halfway through Kindergarten. They are starting to like it. Took them a while to get used to, but they have made some good friends and are learning a TON. They played soccer this fall, basketball in the winter, and are starting baseball this Saturday.

Owen's art - "Everybody likes presidents" and "A long time ago George Washington led the Revolutionary War."
Henry's art!
- Charlotte is doing well, too. She spends her mornings here at school with us in the preschool classroom. She is the "community peer" in the special education program. She is in a classroom of 8 boys and has a good time with her wonderful teachers. She spends her afternoons at a neighborhood mom's house with a couple babies that she loves. She is "learning" Arabic there and frequently gives us language demonstrations.
- Mom and Dad (thats us) are doing fine. Frequently day dreaming about moving to Bermuda, planning a non-hostile takeover of a local daycare, deciding what to get our PhD's in, and keeping the house from falling apart. We moved, too. And promptly painted the walls the brightest colors ever! (Over compensation?) We now have a 2 car garage, a big backyard, a wonderful front porch, and a comfy new couch. Plus we live just few blocks to our school. Which we still drive to every day. *sigh*
That's our update. Must. Do. Better. Maybe I can make a blog update part of my daily life like it used to be. Hm. We shall see. I know Mamere would enjoy it.
Hugs and kisses.

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Sarah said...

Ahhhhh so glad to have you back!!! Loved the update :)

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