Thursday, March 14, 2013

Music in our schools month

March is music in our schools month! Yay! I spend the month of march doing a bunch of fun school-wide activities. We have a morning news show, so last week I went on the show each morning and played "name that tune" with my recorder. The kids did really well with their guessing! This week we are having "mystery singers" on the news. I prerecorded a few teachers singing a short excerpt of a song and put them in a PowerPoint. The news show plays a new one each day. I usually do this every year, it's so funny to hear the kid's guesses. The 3rd week of march will be "performance week" and different performances will be highlighted each morning. We will end the week with an all-singing news show. I will sit in with my colleague as the newscasters and we will sing all of the news for that day. Last year, it was a huge hit. Some years I have done music trivia, put music quotes around the whole school, played student performances on the news, had an all-school dance show, and presented "informances" for parent visitors. It's a fun month!!! Make sure you celebrate music this month!

Need some new music to listen to?? Here are some songs that are currently on my playlist:
- "This time" by John legend
- the soundtrack to "The Last Five Years"
- "butterfly" by rajaton
- "Between the Lines" by Sara Bareilles
- "Smooth Criminal" by MJ

Here's a cool picture of our last overtones reunion right before we were about to sing:

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The T-Dude said...

Singing news sounds awesome. If the network news did that, I might actually be able to get my girls to watch!

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