Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Airpluh! Buh buh!"

Today we ventured to the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum. We have taken the boys before, but thought they would enjoy it more now, considering their extreme obsession with airplanes. And birds. We had a pretty good time chasing them around.  They wanted to be carried most of the way, which we fought tooth and nail. Their favorite part, after the McDonald's chicken nuggets, was the McDonald's Happy Meal toy. But then after that, their favorite thing was the observation tower. Owen was screaming his head off every time and airplane flew by. The three of us sat on the floor and just watched planes fly by while Daddy took pictures and looked for landmarks (I'm guessing here....since that's what he usually does...). After we came home we napped and now we are watching the Indiana Jones trilogy on usa. Fun times!

 IMG_1563 IMG_1577 IMG_1561  IMG_1568 IMG_1582

I thought the sign saying "keep off" was funny, considering we didn't.

IMG_1585 IMG_1583

Mom and the boys before we left:



Jenn H said...

Looks like fun, especially for little boys! LOVE the picture of you holding the boys before you left, GORGEOUS!!!

TONYA said...

What an awesome day. I love that you let them run free and they wanted to be held LOL.

Terri O'Laughlin said...

Looks like a great day. Can't believe how big the boys are getting!!

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