Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tanka Tuesday

My beloved Scar.
I don't think she's demonic.
If Todd doesn't stop
Calling her Chucky, he'll be
Paying ransom for Rusty.

decluttering update: week 4 - Todd has cleaned out the entire laundry room. We now have a massive amount of stuff for a yard sale that Todd thinks is happening on Saturday. I don't think that's enough time...perhaps next weekend. I have so much to go through. And will I ever fit into my clothes again?


TONYA said...


Well done on keeping up with the decluttering, I never ended up starting, just kept shopping instead LOL.

Jenn H said...

Good work on the decluttering, hopefully you'll make a bundle with the garage sale!!

Last day of Whole 30!

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