Sunday, May 04, 2008

Scar vs. Rusty

Please vote in the poll on the right. Edit: Poll closed. Scar won, unfortunately. I should have taken the pictures in the dark so you can see Rusty's eyes glowing red and the drop of blood on his lip that only appears in the dark. Oh well.

Scar: Rusty:

IMG_1477 IMG_1476


Dawn Friedman said...

Are these from your childhood? They are really freaky. I have a few downstairs that just look wrong. My Mother was just here and wanted to know why I had one doll she gave Anna in the garage. Well, we brought it in and the kids would not walk to that side of the room! Do the boys like these dolls??

TONYA said...

Okay, that scar doll is just freaky LOL.