Thursday, May 08, 2008

Big Truck Days

The town of Herndon has an event each year called "Big Truck Days." I knew when I saw the ad in the paper that it would be love at first sight. After driving around for nearly 30 minutes looking for a parking place and realizing that I was speaking along with Elmo's World ("Now it's your turn, Hassan....") in my angry voice, I illegally parked in a loading zone. I knew it would rain soon, so we would be able to beat the tow truck if the jerks at the public works building decided to tow a poor mother of twins. I didn't consider that we WERE at the public works building which has an endless supply of tow trucks. Alas, we weren't towed. But we did get rained on. But it was all worth it.

Owen in white/yellow and Henry in stripes/blue:

IMG_1533 IMG_1528 IMG_1539 IMG_1535

In the loader of the front loader and the big loader:



Owen saying, "Is Henry done yet? I'll just sit here and wait by this big rock."


Oh, and yesterday. We perfected our skill of climbing onto the chair together to watch - what else? - Elmo's World. La la la la!



The Collins Family said...

Fun festival! LOL on the illegal parking at the public works building!

TONYA said...

What a fun day for little boys. Couldn't have been better - well except the rain of course. Glad you didn't get towed.

Jenn H said...

Boys and trucks! Now I have la la la la stuck in my head from the Elmos, we have a Elmo cell phone that says it over and over and over and over..... :)

The T-Dude said...

The wife and I go to a county fair every summer and one of the highlights for us and the kids is climbing all over the giant tractors, combines etc. Way too much fun.

Shannon said...

Looks like heaven on earth for little boys!! Love their little construction hats too. Way to go, finding out about this, you totally get extra good mommy points for that!

Mattam said...

I love the big truck day fun. I wish my town did that. Cute pixs!!!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Love al the pictures, it shows that you a a great time

Terri O'Laughlin said...

What an awesome festival!! S & O LOVE big trucks. Since there is construction going on behind our house, they spend a big part of the day just looking out the window at the tractors and cement trucks!!

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