Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Something new....Meal Plan Mondays!

I know, it's Tuesday. But I have decided on another way this blog can help keep me accountable for my continued weight loss success....and that is with Meal Plan Mondays. Every week that I PLAN my food intake, go shopping for the week ahead, and follow my plan, I do well. Every week that I DON'T plan my meals, I end up suggesting take-out, eating on the run, and foraging for whatever crap is in the fridge each night. I even sometimes end up eating from the vending machine at work. GROSS! So, maybe sharing my plan for the week will help hold me accountable, tell Todd what we are having for dinner if we forget to speak that day, and give someone else some ideas about things they haven't tried yet.....

So, here we go, our first....
Monday: Last night we had big salads with feta, craisins, lettuce, cukes, green pepper and low-fat dressing. And wine.
Tuesday: FFYS (for future reference, this means "Fend For Your Self")
Wednesday: PB
Thursday: Hot dogs, polenta "fries", zuchinni on the grill, black beans (for Charlotte's birthday!), and fruit. And cupcakes!
Friday: Soft tacos, refried beans, quinoa, chips and salsa, and leftover cupcakes.
Saturday: Kebabs on the grill.
Sunday: Out and about.

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