Friday, June 17, 2011

Countdown to summer!

Summer is soooooo close.....2 more days of work before I can officially answer "Yes!" to the boys' constant "Is it summer yet?" question! Hooray!

While I am not necessarily a fan of over-scheduling children, I do need a summer plan. I need to KNOW what's going on so that we don't stay in our pajamas all day every day. If I have a plan, I can at least get off the couch before 9AM and stop the repetitive "Just go play in the basement" chatter.

Draft #1 of our weekly summer schedule:
Mondays - A new park every week and friend playdates!
Tuesdays - $1 movies at Regal Cinemas (not as good as last years FREE movies, but still a great deal...)
Wednesdays - Adventure Day (Glen Echo play, the zoo, Wolftrap, water parks, etc.....)
Thursdays - Moir Day
Fridays - Pool and a picnic day with friends

And of course, most days will consist of some type of pool visit, too.

Can't wait!

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