Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Eat my dust

Last night, Todd and I were sitting around on the deck after the kids were in bed. I finished the crossword (with help, of course) and thought "Gee, it's a nice night. I should go run." I mentioned that I could either go to bed or go for a run. It was 8:45.

I surprised myself because I went upstairs, put my shoes on, and went for a run. At 9:00 at night. WHO AM I???

Another surprising tidbit is that I have never run under a 10 minute mile. In elementary school, middle school, and high school I was always the last runner during the mile test. I rarely, if ever, broke a 12 minute mile as a child. Then in college, I never ran. (That would have taken away time from drinking, duh.)

Last night as I ran around the lake, my NIke+ said in my ear, "You have completed one mile. Your pace is 9 minutes and 20 seconds." I almost stopped dead in my tracks! I laughed out loud, did a little jump, and continued on. (Mile 2 and mile 3 were drastically different speed-wise, but that's ok). I got home from my run, took a shower, and then could barely sleep.

Today I am freaking exhausted.

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