Saturday, August 09, 2008

Saturday thoughts

Some thoughts by me.

1. John Edwards? Seriously? Normally, I don't care whether a politician does whatever a politician does. But this one really ticks me off. What a scumbag.

2. Bernie Mac. I'm so sad! Loved that man.

3. Olympics. LOVED the opening ceremonies. So regal and creative and beautiful and genius. It was so great. (Not so great? W's smug look as Iraq marched out. Also not so great? The non-stop talking from the announcers. Shut up already!)

4. Miss Tuesday. Stable, but still on the ventilator. Progress is slow, but the tumor is showing signs of disappearing after round 1 of chemo. If you are interested in entering a raffle for a bracelet or a tutu, please go see Tonya or Erin's blog. All proceeds go to JK and her lovely TuTu.

5. Great Falls Park. We went today. Lovely. I will do a blog post later today with tons of pictures. TONS.

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lisa said...

WHAT? what happened to Bernie Mac?!?!?!?

Jenn H said...

1. Tecks me off too! His poor wife, like she doesn't already have enough heartache to deal with!
2. Very sad!
3. Beautiful opening ceremonies, Bob Costas already on my last nerve, lol!
4. Yay to stable but hoping and praying for so much more than just stable.
5. Waiting on those ton of pics :)

The T-Dude said...

Agree on the Olympics. The best flame lighting since the flaming arrow shot in Barcelona. And you already know how I feel on the Edwards thing.

TONYA said...

I was so sad tonight to hear about Bernie Mac. Jay and I used to watch his show.

As for the John Edwards saga. Gee, it's the same old story, isn't it. When will politicians learn to keep that thing in their pants. Seriously.

Lovin' the new additions to the side of your blog, those pics are really cute :)

Tripp said...

Re: #1, I'm not sure why this hits you harder than another politician ... I dunno if anyone remembers this story John Kerry told about Edwards except me, but it kinda shows he's a total creep:

Also, bonus hypocrisy points:

Jane said...

Tripp - I think I'm more annoyed by John E. because of his cool wife. I know, it's no different than any other scum polititian. I just thought he'd be nicer since he preaches that way and since his wife has cancer. I read a NY Times op. ed that said she was in remission during the affair, so his cheating was "oncologically" timed. Gr!