Sunday, August 31, 2008

Toy, Yogurt, Book, and Daddy Love.

This first picture is the McDonald's toy the boys got yesterday. What the-?


The boys enjoying yogurt:

IMG_2765 IMG_2761

Mr. Magoo reading his animal book this morning. He gave himself a marker tatt this morning, which is why he looks so tough.


Mr. Man looking for Daddy.....Are you in there???


Hugs for Daddy:



Mattam said...

I absolutely love the picture where he's looking for daddy. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

is that thing voldemort? other than the mcd's toy the pics are so cute! love the tough guy magoo and mr. man looking for daddy!

Sheri said...

Looks like your boys love yogurt and their daddy!!!! Love the pics on the floor with Daddy!

Jenn H said...

The last picture needs to be in a frame in your house, too cute!!! That McD's toy was freaky, so not a Star War's fan!!

Shannon said...

LOL about the McDonald's toy...Luke got one last week that was a Chewbacca(sp?) head and some sort of droid body. WEIRD. I accidentally "lost" it, haha!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

is that really a toy?????????

TONYA said...

yeh, what's with those freaky toys. Seriously. We got a few like that over in Australia. I left them there LOL.

I just love that last picture with daddy, OMG so sweet.

Sharlene said...

What the hell is that thing? Seriously!