Monday, April 25, 2011

Back Home. C'est la vie.

Back to the real world. Sitting at my desk in my overly-dusty classroom. Trying to motivate myself to work.

Saturday at the Rodin Museum pictures to come. It was a lovely museum with beautiful gardens and perfect weather. I very much enjoyed the sculptures and took many pictures.

After the museum we walked over to find the crepe shopped closed for the holiday weekend, so we ate at a cafe near the government center. I had a risotto that was yummy and a capuccino. We then took the subway over to St. Sulpice and St. German-de-Pres churches and checked them out. Very lovely. In St. Sulpice we saw some interesting things that were a part of the The DaVinci Code. Also on exhibit was the Shroud of Turin. Interesting.

We had a beer in a cafe nearby then caught the train back to our apartment. We rested a bit while a thunderstorm flew by and then went to Cafe De l'Alma for dinner. I wish I had eaten the steak, but I went with the roasted chicken for dinner - it was still delicious. We had some gelato at a nearby place after dinner, then went home and packed the rest of my stuff!

Sunday morning Mom rode with me to the airport and I enjoyed some coffee and my last croissant in the business class lounge (THANK YOU TODD) and then had a VERY enjoyable flight in business class. Seriously, if you are rich why would you EVER EVER EVER ride in coach? It was seriously ridiculous how much better it is in business class. Ridiculous. They served us fois gras in business class. Seriously ridiculous. I felt like an imposter.

Back home, the boys picked me up at the airport and were excited to show me their new robot dance and their bike-riding abilities. They had a few disagreements over who should hold the light-up Eiffel Tower I brought them, and declared the shirts I brought them "too itchy." Oh well.

Hopefully I will have time to upload some pictures tonight.

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The T-Dude said...

That sounds like an awesome trip. Very jealous!

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