Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good night and day

We had a very nice time last night. We met Mom's friends Madeleine and George and they took us to a cute little place for dinner. The dinner was prepared with spices traditionally Corsican, so there was a nice taste to everything. I had Canelonni, which was good, and ham for an appetizer. We shared some strawberries for dessert. After dinner, the owner of the restaurant gets up in his chair with his guitar and mic and starts belting out favorite songs. Everyone seemed to know the songs, so we tapped our feet and pretended. :) Then he switched to English. A woman came in and sang "Fly me to the Moon" and then he started playing "Wonderwall," and looking at me, suggesting I come sing. I had had enough wine, so I did. I got up and sang "Wonderwall" and then "Your Song." It was fun. The restaurant was near Sacre Cour, which is a stunning place, and it was packed with young people having a fun night out. George and I walked up the loooooonnnnngggg staircase (we earned our dinner!) and the other ladies took the cable car thingie. Un bon soir!

Today we have been busy bees, shopping around for new sandals because our feet are hot, and checking out the Beau Marchet for clothes and other things we can't afford. We had a nice lunch on a busy road with a nice waiter. I had a salad (after my croissants in the morning, which my lovely weight watchers leader reminded me are 10 points each I can't manage to eat toooooo many pommes frites for lunches) and some light wine. Then we wandered over to Napolean's tomb at Les Invelides. We didn't go inside because the line was long, but we admired from outside (Mom has been in many times).

Then I went for a run along the Seine - it was very nice. The sun was hot, and there were people everywhere, but it was a nice run. It ended up being about 2.9 miles.

We went to a concert tonight that was stunning. The picture left is from my phone, so not great, but you can kind of get the idea. It was a Vivaldi and Pachelbel concert by a string ensemble in the Saint Chappelle chapel. This chapel is unbelievably beautiful. And it was built in 1287. Kings and nobles and everyone has been in this chapel. And here we were, sitting in this amazing place listening to gorgeous music. I listened to the music, which was familiar and amazingly played, and looked around the chapel at the amazing stained glass and statues. Amazing.

After the concert, we had dinner at Le Rose du France in a square at the Place de Pont Neuf. I had a light fish with a vegetable tartin. It was lovely.

We rode the RER back to our apartment just in time to see the 11:00 Eiffel Tower sparkle show.

A great day!


marypat said...

Great pic of St Chapelle. Is the reno done? We were there this summer and the back of the church was under wraps, and only half the windows had been completed. Looks great!

Hokie Grandma said...

I love the St Chappell chapel - I think it is even prettier than Notre Dame. Sounds like you are having a great trip.

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