Saturday, April 23, 2011

Where did I leave off?

Friday was a gorgeous day in Paris. The weather this week has been unbelieveable. I can't believe the blue sky and spring weather. It's perfect. Yesterday, the weather was beautiful and warm and sunny again. Mom and I went to Pere le Chais, a cemetary that "houses" some famous people. We saw the graves of Edith Piaf, Chopin, Rossini, Moliere, and some others I can't remember. Pictures to come, as this was a beautiful cemetery and I took a lot.

After the cemetary we jumped on bus #69. Rick Steves book says that bus 69 is a tour of Paris because it goes everywhere. And it just convieniently enough stops near our apartment. We got off closeby and stopped in a little store for a crepe since we skipped lunch. Banana and chocolate! Delicious!

We came back to the apartment to rest a bit, and I went and sat out by the Eiffel Tower to finish a book. It was very nice out and only 2 people came to me to ask me something - one was selling water and the other was selling something for deaf people. I finished my book and headed back upstairs to get ready for a visit from Mom and Wilma's friends. We had a yummy American meal of meatloaf, potatoes, salad, and cherry pie. And a lot of wine. After their friends left, we played Hearts and I got killed again. I need to redeem myself but I am afraid there is no hope.

Today we are heading over to the Rodin Museum to see "The Thinker" and other sculptures by Rodin. I am looking forward to it. Then we will probably eat another crepe.

I head home tomorrow to see my cute family and give them hugs and kisses and chocolate.

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