Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eiffel Tower? Jane here. Just wanted to tell you that you're awesome.

Mamere, Wilma, and I are in Paris for a week. I can't wait to show you the pictures.

We arrived yesterday and promptly dragged our jetlagged asses to lunch. I ate a goat cheese salad with honey dressing which was delish. Wilma had a bowl of French Onion Soup (or do you just say Onion Soup since it was IN FRANCE?) and pate. Mamere had a croque monsieur and side salad (which I hope to replecate for my meal later this week). It was lovely! The place we ate was a little modern cafe that Mom and I ate at 6 years ago. After we had successfully killed enough time for the apartment to be ready, we trudged back to the rental place and got into our apartment.

The apartment is gorgeous! It has a view of the Eiffel Tower from the living room and is decorated in ivory colors and beiges. The picture on the left is from the living room (my cell phone, sorry for the quality) and the one below is Mamere having breakfast this morning.

After we got into the apartment and unpacked, we trudged out again to go to the grocery store. We purchased a bunch of things to tide us over for the week, and some cheese, fruit, wine, bread, crackers, and tabouleh for dinner. We sat in the living room and ate last night. It was very relaxing and nice. After dinner, Mom and I took a walk around the Eiffel Tower park and saw an estimated 1500 joggers, which was surprising - I didn't think French people exercised! Well, the ones we saw do, and they do so in whatever clothes they happen to have on - we saw runners in Polo shirts, jeans, random sneakers, sweaters, etc. Odd. After our walk, we made it back to the apartment in time to see the twinking Eiffel Tower show (I took a phone video for the boys!) and then we fell asleep instantly.

This morning, we woke up to some kind of bird cooing outside the window and Mom and I got up and walked to Rue Cler to the street market and bought grapes, oranges, and strawberries. Then we stopped in a shop and bought some cheese, then another shop for croissants and palmiers. We came up and had our coffee and breakfast and then got ready for our adventure!

We walked all the way to a friend's apartment for lunch where we had a yummy risotto and bread and visited for a while. We stopped on the way at La Madeleine, which is a church Napoleon built. It was huge on the inside. Then we continued our walk (and bought some sunglasses por moi) to Notre Dame on the Ile de le Cite. The line to go in and to go up the tower was ridiculous, so we just walked around, rested on a park bench, and then visited the Deportation Memorial, which is a memorial that honors the victims of the Holocaust from France. The lady at the entrance told us we could take some pictures but we weren't allowed to post them on facebook. :)

After this, we walked back to the left bank and walked by the river. It was a long walk back to the apartment. After we got in, I went for a short run around the ET and then ate an orange. I decided to use Map my Run to figure out the mileage of our walk today and I was surprised and delighted when it told me we had walked over 13 miles! Plus my 3 mile run! Well, I'm an "idiok" because it was in kilometers. So, we walked about 8 miles and I ran about a mile and a half. Oh well. Still a lot.

We are getting ready now to head out to La Petite Troquet for dinner (Mom's favorite restaurant) and hopefully have something delicious.


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Claroux said...

OMG - I am oozing with jealousy here. The last time I was in Paris was 2000 and it was pre-kids and it was with my ex-husband. The trip sucked on a personal level but I am SO.IN.LOVE with Paris. I want to go back again and again and again. I think the part of your post that made me the most jealous was the talk of Onion Soup. I have yet to find anything in the States that even comes close! ENJOY!!!!

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