Monday, August 01, 2011

A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! Books!!!!!

I am super excited to host my first giveaway!!!!
I thought it would be a fun way to 1. get rid of donate some great books to someone that wants to read them 2. create a little mystery about my next weigh-in and 3. demonstrate how going "off-plan" can affect your weight. :)

So, I have two books for the winner of this giveaway. The first one is Vince Flynn's latest "American Assassin". This is a Todd book and he recommends it highly. "4 stars. 5 if you have read the rest of the series." He describes it as CIA super secret commando Jack Bauer-esque. The second one is a Jane book - the latest by Jennifer Weiner. Her stories are about women, relationships, friendships, and love! This one is about donating your eggs, friendships and family dynamics. Click the books to read their descriptions at Amazon.

So, what do you have to do to win these awesome books!???
You have to be the closest guesser to what my weight gain (or loss) will be on Wednesday!!!

Here are the rules:
1. You must comment on this blog, listing what you think my weight gain/loss will be on Wednesday night. (For example, you could write "I think you will be +4.6" or "I think you'll be -0.4". If you are anonymous, don't forget to write your name.)
2. You have to have your comment in by Wednesday at 5:00 PM EST.
3. Whoever is closest without going over wins the books!  (In the event of a tie, we'll have to have a run-off. I'll think of something interesting. Or, I'll just give the books to the person I like more. That's fair, right?)

Here is what I have eaten this week along with the points breakdown for ww. Each day I am alotted 29 points. I am also alotted 49 "extra" points to use however I want.
Thursday - yogurt/granola/banana, coffee, turkey wrap, hummus/carrots/pretzels, goldfish, a lot of food at a tastefully simply party. I gave myself 40 points for the whole day. (11 points over)
Friday - yogurt/granola/banana, coffee, cheetos, turkey wrap, hummus/carrots/pretzels, snacky stuff, pizza and beer for dinner. I gave myself 45 points for Friday. (16 points over)
Saturday - yogurt/granola, coffee, turkey wrap, carrots, cookies, pretzels, taco bell crunch wrap supreme (no meat), some taco bell chips, dr. pepper, beer. 47 points. (18 points over)
Sunday - usual breakfast, frozen pizza for lunch, salad for dinner, some bites of pita, ice cream for dessert. 42 points (13 points over)
Monday - usual breakfast, hummus and pretzels/carrots, cheez-its, grilled chicken, corn on the cob, salad, strawberries, 1/2 a light beer, 1 ff fudge pop. 29 points

Activity points earned so far: 18
Total weekly extra points left: -12 (that means I used all 49 points PLUS 18 activity points.

I still have Tuesday and Wednesday to "fix" myself. I plan on not going over my 29 points the next 2 days, and I plan on earning back the 12 points I am over for the week. So I will hopefully end up even (points-wise).

Now you know EVERYTHING. Go forth, and guess!


Kubbie said...

OK...I will be the first! I really want to read those books but I am also thinking that if I just ask you might let me! Well...I don't want to say you will gain weight but you did go over your points this week but then you ran 7 miles. Go girl! I am going to say -.02 although I think it could be closer to -.06. Since I will be the one at the meeting with you I also might have to convience you to lie to everyone so I can get the books!!! By the're AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Really clever entry on your blog. Loved it actually. Wish I could be that creative when contemplating how I am going to do at weigh-in. I say you will be even, no loss, no gain, with your last weigh-in. Mom

The Collins Family said...

I'm grabbing the middle from kubbie -0.4. Good luck!

Anna said...

-0.8 Hanay. :) So proud of your continued progress. <3 Anna

Katie said...

Hmmm... I'm going to go with +.02. You might go up just a little, but then knock it right back off. I just want you to be able to post "50 Bitches!" again. Ha!

Allison C said...

You.rock. a lot! I'm just so inspired and in awe of all the progress you've made :)

My guess is -.05, even though you went over this week your body seems to be rejecting fat in general :)

Good luck!!