Thursday, August 04, 2011

Wednesday Weigh In and WINNER

Scene: Weight Watchers Meeting Room, 5:30 PM. Enter Jane.

Jane: Hi Leader Becky! I was so sad when you weren't here last week, so I thought I would eat like a fatass this week, gain back some and celebrate hitting 50 pounds again next week!

Leader Becky: ha ha ha, Jane! I am so proud of you....ramble ramble....

Jane gets on scale. Leader Becky still rambling

Leader Becky:  Listen to me! I am just talking about everything and look! You lost a pound!

Jane: What!? HA HA HA HA HA. So, let's see. This can eat whatever the hell you want and STILL lose weight!!!

Leader Becky:  More rambling, ha ha ha ha, good job! I don't even remember what you looked like 50 pounds ago! Wow!


Loss: -1.0
Total Loss: -51.2
Feeling: Excitement, hottness, and a little bit of dread about next week! This can't keep going!!!

The winner of my book giveaway is Anna! Here is her comment:

Anna said...
-0.8 Hanay. :) So proud of your continued progress. <3 Anna

Anna, I will bring the books over to your new house as soon as I finish reading them. Hee hee.


Anna said...

That scene made me miss Beckface so much. Twelve weeks and this little boy should be on the outside and then I can return to our weekly ritual of hell and weight loss/gain. I miss the ride. This pregnancy ride has been very different for that ride. Mainly because of all the milkshakes. -Anna

Kim Kirschner said...

Congrats Jane! At this rate I may not recognize you in Hawaii:)

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