Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Pirate Day

We had a really fun playdate today. Our friends came over and we decided to have "Pirate Day"! We got some ideas from other blogs and kind of just went with the theme and had a great time!

We started our day doing pirate mazes (found here) and making pirate hooks, eye patches, and hats (found here and here)
Next, we painted treasure boxes that I found at AC Moore for $1! The kids had a great time painting. While they painted, I called them one by one into the kitchen (sort of) to make their fruit kabob for lunch. We skewered bananas, strawberries, cantelope, watermelon, and grapes to make kabobs. Then we put a little flag with each kid's name on it and popped them in the freezer.
While the fruit froze, we got into and our pirate ship and played. We made a sail and colored the outside.
Then we went outside and had a swordfight with pretzel rods. The rules were simple: If your pretzel rod was broken by another pirate, you had to walk the plank. Well, as you can see by our line, everyone's pretzel rod broke instantaneously. Next time we'll use something stronger! :)
 The kids played in the pirate ship while we got lunch ready:

The lunch menu was: fish sticks, french fries, pirate booty, goldfish, and the fruit kabobs we made earlier. For a special lunch dessert we had jello cups with pirate boats. (Found here)
After lunch, we put pirate Charby down for a nap and our friend Madison read us "How I Became a Pirate" by David Shannon and we watched "Hook"!
 Charlotte woke up and we were sitting around the house when DING DONG DING DONG! The doorbell rang! We ran to the door and found a glass container filled with golden chocolates and a treasure map!!!! The hunt was on for the pirate's treasure....
 We followed the map down the street, around some corners, up some hills....
 Till we got to the X! We found the treasure under the bridge!
It was full of jewels, bracelets, and more gold nugget chocolate - yummy!
Here are the pirates posing with their box of treasure. What a great end to a fun pirate day!!!

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Aimee @ Paging Supermom said...

Looks like you and your kids had a fun day!! Thanks for letting us know our printables could add to your fun!