Monday, January 16, 2012

My fridge is full, my house is quiet, I'm planning a triumphant comeback!!!

I just made a huge pot of 1 point weight watchers veggie soup, put it into 4 lunch containers and 3 dinner containers. I did the same with salad. I measured 1 tbs of parmesan cheese into ziplock baggies for each bowl of soup, put a tbs of salad dressing into little containers for my salads, and got 4 fat free yoplaits and some vita muffins for the week. IT'S DETOX TIME, BABY.

The dogs and I took a long walk today, I went to target, I got some new shoes, I browsed wegmans, I straightened my hair, I cleaned a few cabinets and the fridge, I watched "Men who stare at Goats," and I am about to go to choir practice. Busy as a bee. I mostly can't believe I didn't lay on my butt all day and nap. Good for me.

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